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Sent Code SMS-es for registered issues from registered mobiles

Search result for all sent registered Code SMS-es from registered mobiles to this website.

Disclaimer -
  • If any person claims that their sms-opinion shown was not sent by them, then they should immediately contact the admin at and inform about this. Also, they can themselves remove their displayed sms from the below data by sending cancellation code-sms for an issue.   See More...
  • To know details of the issue of SMS-codes, please see this link - Issues with their short codes for sms

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    Voter ID Date Time Code Name State District Assembly
    BCW11520322014-01-08 13:24:30PUBLICSMSSERVERMP YSRIDHARA H KKarnatakaBangalore UrbanYelahanka
    UCD12457452014-01-08 04:53:21PMMODI Y VIVEKMaharashtraYavatmalUmarkhed
    ZRC03696452014-01-06 12:39:13TCP Y SARAT PRADHANOdishaSambalpurRairakhol
    YIX21334372013-12-29 13:56:18JURY YOMKAR DABHADKARMaharashtraJalnaJalna
    YIX21334372013-12-29 13:56:00MRCM YOMKAR DABHADKARMaharashtraJalnaJalna
    YIX21334372013-12-29 13:55:36TCP YOMKAR DABHADKARMaharashtraJalnaJalna
    YIX21334372013-12-29 13:55:16PUBLICSMSSERVERMP YOMKAR DABHADKARMaharashtraJalnaJalna
    YIX21334372013-12-29 13:54:12NETAJIDECLASSIFY YOMKAR DABHADKARMaharashtraJalnaJalna
    SVG18838422013-12-29 13:06:49NETAJIDECLASSIFY Y RABIBRATA CHATTERJEEWest BengalHooghlyUttarpara
    ZQZ04927692013-12-22 09:32:38AAPGOV2013 NParthasarathi MishraOdishaKhurdaBhubaneswar North (Uttar)
    NCR10271432013-12-21 14:49:16AAPGOV2013 YVINEET-ARORADelhiNorth DelhiModel Town
    NCR10271432013-12-18 05:45:18TCP YVINEET-ARORADelhiNorth DelhiModel Town

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