Citizen-Verifiable Public Opinion According to location

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Voter ID Date Time Code Name State District Assembly
TAR/0129635 2016-07-27 07:15:43 TCP Y Mukesh Lal Rajasthan Ajmer Kekri
ZYG/0350736 2016-07-23 19:16:03 TCP Y Manoj Gupta Rajasthan Ajmer Ajmer South
ALC/0849968 2016-05-07 20:58:15 TCP Y Kishan Chand Rajasthan Ajmer Ajmer North
ALC/0849950 2016-05-07 20:57:22 TCP Y Renu Chand Rajasthan Ajmer Ajmer North
RJ/18/140/414449 2016-03-29 10:37:07 TCP Y Naniram Hariaram Rajasthan Ajmer Beawar
NFW/0847616 2016-03-29 08:27:03 TCP Y Balu Ram Rajasthan Ajmer Beawar
UCW/1031137 2016-01-17 08:59:30 TCP Y Sanjay Kumar Rajasthan Ajmer Kishangarh
HRP/2772259 2015-10-26 20:58:01 TCP Y GOVIND GURJAR Rajasthan Ajmer Ajmer South